Lesson Four: Filling in a Profile Skeleton

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Lesson Four: Filling in a Profile Skeleton

Post by love4Sora on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:57 am

Like I mentioned in Lesson Two some role plays ask of you to create your own character. In these types of original role plays you need to fill out a profile of your character. These profiles are usually given to you in the form of a Profile Skeleton located in one of the first posts

Here is an example of a legitament Profile Skeleton:

Character Name:
Short Bio:

other things might be added depened on the Role play you are in but this is mostly the standard stuff. in the Appearance section a lot of times a picture is there instead of a description; some RPs request that you post a pic instead of write out a description. The Short Bio section is where you give some light on the character, where he came from, a little about his past: this section is to let the role players know why you're character is in the story. Race usually only appears in the RPs that deal with Vampires, Angels, Demons and the like; human is a genaric race.

It's important that you PM your profile to the creator of the RP so that they can post it in the Profile post at the beginning of their Role Play.



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