I'm sorry!!!! DX

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I'm sorry!!!! DX

Post by love4Sora on Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:59 pm

Three things:

1) I'm just gonna say that I'm probably not usually gonna make it online on Friday & Saturdays...that's when I'm out of the house (I admit, usually with Twilight).

2) I stupidly left my laptop charger at Twilight's house last night, & my laptop is on thrr verge of death, & I won't get it back until Tuesday (he's coming over after I'm off of work!!! X3). So it'll be a bit harder for me to get online.

3) These next few weeks are crazy & hectic for me. Last week of school befor break, I gotta wrap gifts, get one more gift, finish making a big-project gift, work, social life, & yeah.
So...I'll try to be on to do my posting, but I'm not promising every day...

I'm sorry!!!! DX

~ love4Sora



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