Anime, Manga, and Video Game Olympics

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Anime, Manga, and Video Game Olympics

Post by Gold Chocobo on Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:40 pm

The Anime, Manga, and Video Game Olympics Have Begun!

It's the time of year again! It's time for the Anime, Manga, and Video Game Olympics, AMVG Olympics for short. Several different characters will compete in several sports for the gold! All entrees will be accepted, if you follow simple guidelines. The winner of each sport will be determined by the judges, who base their decision on zeal, athleticness, and best sport. Remember everyone: Have fun, Play Fair, and reach for the gold!

Rules and Guidelines:

-There must be three judges at all times, who MUST judge fairly, no favorites or bias.
-If you are roleplaying a judge and a contestant, you cannot vote for yourself.
-Each contestant can participate in up to three sports, not counting the marathon.
-Characters must be at an age to play sports at least--no babies.
-You can have up to three characters.
-You cannot have two characters from the same anime.
Ex): Hamtaro cannot roleplay as Bijou and Boss.
Ex 2): However, Hamtaro can roleplay as Bijou, and Edward can roleplay as Boss.
-Play FAIR! Even if your characters are mischeavous.
-Cheating will result in major confusion and disculafacation of that particular character.
-If characters are injured during the time of the Olympics they will be treated at the medics and returned to the games. (Added in case anyone wants drama)
-All sports are unisex.
-Meaning guys and girls compete together in all sports.


100 Meter Dash
Run a hundred meters and stop at the finish line.
Participants: Konata Izumi

Long Jump
Make a running start, make two smaller jumps and a final long leap into the sand pit.
Participants: My Melody

Anchor Throw
Power up your throw by spinning and toss the weight the farthest you can.
Participants: Konata Izumi

Synchronized Swimming
Make up a swimming routine to your choice of song
Participants: My Melody

Pole Vault
Take a running jump, use your pole to fly up and over the selected height of the second pole.
Participants: Konata Izumi

Marathon --All Must Participate--
A two mile marathon, don't tucker yourself out too quicky!
Participants: Konata Izumi, My Melody


Kratos Aurion- Gold Chocobo

My Melody- Gold Chocobo
Konata Izumi- Gold Chocobo

Registeration Form:
-This form is to be filled out to notify whom is participating in which sport or position.


Character Name:
Position: (Judge or Althele)
Sports to Participate in: (If you are an Althele, do not include marathon)

-Please fill out a seperate form per character.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Uta has a Kingdom Hearts Character, but I would like to use one. Can I?
A: Yes. You just may not have two characters from the same anime.

Q:Do I have to participate in three sports?
A: No, the minium is one, the maxium is three.

Q: Do characters have to be good at the sport?
A: Nope, it's for fun!

-Feel free to ask any questions. (:

Let's have a sage and fun AMVG Olympics!


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