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The Original Character Role-Playing High School

Post by Gold Chocobo on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:51 pm

You glance up at your new school, reading the grande sign, "OCRP High". The school was brand new and just built. You look at the letter in your hand, and glance up once more. You take one last deep breath, before entering the school.

Plot: A new High School as opened, recommending students everywhere! What will you do? What will you find? Love? Friendship? Tough times?

-OCs only.
-3 Characters per person, weither they're students/teachers or both is up to you.
-Give me a profile so we know a little of what your character is like.
-Your character may have whatever abilities they want, but it's not really required.
-Character Should be at High School Age
-Characters can enter at any time, it's a school, you can enroll in the middle of the year.
-There is no schedule, you bascially go with the flow.

Yuuta Cuta- Gold Chocobo
Lucy- Gold Chocobo
Temari Eokc- Puppy

Rina Coola- Gold Chocobo

Characters Profiles:
((You may use whatever picture you want....but if you want to be fun, you can go here to make a girl OC or here to make a guy or girl. When your done making them, you click "Print Screen" and "Ctrl" at the same time ((Both on Keyboard)). Then you go to paint and click "Edit" and "Paste". White out everything except your character and.....volia! You have an OC!))

Character Name: Yuuta Cuta
Username: Gold Chocobo
Age: 16
Year 2
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weapons: Sword.
Powers: None
Short Bio: A rather shy kid who has always had trouble getting along with other kids. He tends to say the wrong thing to the wrong people and gets him self hurt numerously. He lives on his own, mostly because he has no idea who his parents are. He works two jobs after school to maintain his apartment to pay rent. In his free time he tends to drive his car around illegally, since he doesn't have a license. The friend he trust's the most is Temari, however, he doesn't tell her when he's hurt because he doesn't want to make her worry.

Character Name: Rina Coola
Username: Gold Chocobo
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapons: None
Powers: The power to draw amazingly, even if she's not trying.
Short Bio: The Art teacher at OCRP High. She's kind-hearted and is willing to help any student, no matter the request. She has very warm eyes, and is just a friendly person in general. She was always very popular with men but still hasn't been in a long relationship.

Character Name: Lucy
Username: Gold Chocobo
Age: 15
Year: 1
Gender: Female
Race: Ghost
Weapons: None
Powers: Walk through walls, turn invisible, all ghost like powers.
Short Bio: Lucy was formally a human girl who turned into a ghost after dying in a fire at her house, where the school was now standing. She has a lingering regret, so she stays as a student in the school. She lives to wait for her mother. She is waiting for her mother, who promised to come home and see her soon. She doesn't tell anyone she's a ghost and waits for her mother to see her. She's been at the school for ten years, in the same grade.
True Appearance:

Character Name: Temari Ekoc
Username: Puppy
Age: 16
Year 2
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapons: None
Powers: Love Ability, if someone she loves is hurt or in trouble, she gets sudden strength to protect them.
Bio: is a very outgoing person. likes to talk to a lot of different people. she doesnt have any enemys but will stand up for anything she believes in. When people are around her then tend to come out of there protective shells. so people tend to gravitate towards her. her best friend is Yuuta

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