Lesson Three: Making Your Own Role Play

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Lesson Three: Making Your Own Role Play

Post by love4Sora on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:55 am

If you believe you have the creativity to come up with a new and totally original Role Play you'll need know how to set it up properly. Each role play should start off with at least 3 or 4 posts with the following purposes.

1. Intro
2. Background Info
3. Rules
4. Profiles

The Intro is a summary of what your role play is about; the purpose of making it. this is the part of your role play that needs to be eye catching because its the first thing that the newcomer sees. Images are a good way to do so and keep the summary short as possible. an Index of your opening posts is also a good thing that can be added at the bottem of this post.

Backgroud Info
This is where you get into more detail about your role play and let the role player know information about your story line. If your role play is a fanfic, or an RP based off of oh say an Anime, then this post is not needed. However, if your idea is original this is a good place to let people know about trivial things like powers of the good guys and bad guys, how the war started that your role play is about, and the lay of the land. things like that.

this is where you can reinstate the roles of role playing from lesson two and add any rules that are special to your own role play. you're the one who created it, therefore you are the god of that Forum.

This is the spot where you let newcomers of the role play know who is playing what character in the story and what he/she is like. if your role play is a fanfic one you can still have this and just list who is playing what character from the anime. However if you are making a totally new role play you need to reserve a spot for you to post the participants profiles and give a profile skeleton for people to fill out.

This your role play so make it as creative as possible and be unique.

just remember to warn people that your RP might be more for one audiance than another



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