Lesson Two: Rules of Role Playing

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Lesson Two: Rules of Role Playing

Post by love4Sora on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:50 am

Even though we are writing everything out and therefore we can make anything happen, there are a number of common rules that must be followed.

#1. Probably the most seen rule NO GODMODING!!! Godmoding a term used which means having the power to do basically anything. What this rule means you cannot control another character, hit someone automatically, kill someone without their permission, have awsome powers that no one else can have and be basically invinsable and do everything you want.

#2. No cybering. cybering is another term for no internet sex. [if you don't what that is, then that means your not old enough to know about it. Don't ask sensei about it either, this isn't a health class] Romance is allowed but not an excesive amount of it.

#3. Be literate. In other words, pretend that your posts are going to be graded by your English teacher. Use complete sentances, acctual words and accurate puncuation; no txt talk or 133t [thats text talk or leet]

#4. Be curtious to your other role players. If you respect them they will respect you and the whole rp will move a lot smoother without arguments.

#5. Try to keep the blood and gore to a minimum; not everyone likes that kind of stuff.

#6. Keep the swearing to a minimum; again not everyone likes it and its disrespectful.



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