Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

Post by sailorstar165 on Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:54 pm

Alive: an RP that is currently active.
Canon: Follows the storyline of the original. Doesn't change the facts of the original anime/manga/video game, etc.
Crossover: A Roleplay that includes 2 or more categories. (i.e. Fullmetal Alchemist and Legend of Zelda crossover)
Dead: an RP that is no longer active and not accepting members or posts for various reasons. Typically locked by the mods.
Discussion Post: A post that is in a Roleplay thread but is not in character. Typically denoted by parentheses and non-colored text.
God Mod: When one Roleplayer controls another Roleplayer's character's actions or words.
One-Liner: A Roleplaying post that is very short and often has little importance or detail. Often one line long when viewed.
OC: Original Character. A character that is created by the RPer that does not exist in any publication.
OOC: Out of Character. When a character doesn't act according to their set personality. Applies to OCs and liscensed characters.
Profile: A list of character traits and details (name, age, hair-color, weapon, etc.) that is used to give details about OC characters used in Roleplays
Roleplay (RP): A thread with a plot and characters assigned to specific people to play out. A "play" with text
Roleplayer (RPer): One who roleplays.
Spot Check: a reservation of sorts. The person who calls spot check is the next one to post. Others may call spot check for others, if it is necessary that character post.

The list will continue when I think of more terms. XD

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