Lesson One: How to Role Play

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Lesson One: How to Role Play

Post by love4Sora on Wed Jul 09, 2008 12:45 am

The act of Role playing is a very simple thing to do but it takes creativeity and imagination to pull it off. Like the deffinition says, you take on the role of a character and act it out but because we're not performing for anyone over the internet, we write out our parts.
Role playing is much like writing out a novel in little segments at a time. You always write it in third person and in complete sentences. Use quotations whenever you want to speak and clearly spell out what your character is doing, thinking and feeling in the duration of your post.

Example (D.Gray-Man):
The force of the kick sent Komui flying back into his chair and his chair was pushed to the back wall; Komui was still asleep. "Lenalee..." he mumbled still, "I didn't mean it...you can marry Allen...don't kick me so hard..." Komui snored loudly; he's been staying up late the past few nights worring about Lenalee, Allen and the rest of the excorsists.

As you can see all of what Komui said was in quotations, what happened to the character was spelled out clearly and it gives us background information about what he was feeling the night before to deepen the story. There's always things that can be added to an entry like this to make the post so much better.

You only post a little bit at a time and only post about what you're character is doing. Do not, i repeat DO NOT! role play for someone else or make other characters in the role play do things that they might not wanted to have happened. YOU ONLY POST FOR YOUR CHARACTER AND YOUR CHARACTER ALONE!!! Unless it's like a nod or something small like that. Then it's fine.

I'm quoting what sailorstar said, but it has to be said: You have to CONTINUE OFF THE LAST PERSON! No going off on a limb for no reason or changing what someone else said.

Follow that rule, and there will be no trouble.

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